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ATTENTION:  A lot of our clients have been reporting that Ultimate Koi Clay helps with string algae.  I'm happy if it does, but we make no claims of such. It definitely will not help with the single cell algae that causes the green water. Sincerely, Gene Winstead, Koi Village

"Ultimate KOI CLAY" contains a balance of minerals in their natural colloidal form, making them easily assimilated. The minerals present in "KOI CLAY" enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms, improve water quality, and removes toxins from the pond water.

"Ultimate Koi Clay" was listed as a best buy in "Koi Nations" magazine. 

Of course, we already knew that!

SKU Description Price Order

Koi Clay, 2 Pound Box

7.65 Add Koi Clay 2 pound box to Cart

Koi Clay, 6 Pound Box

19.70 Add Koi Clay 6 lb box to Cart

Koi Clay, 24 lb.

65.95 Add Koi Clay 24 lb box to Cart

UltraClear Koi Clay

100% bentonite clay that removes impurities and replenishes essential minerals. Enhances habitat on bottom of pond for koi. Reduces toxins.

SKU Description Price Order

UltraClear Koi Clay 4 lb

22.95 Add UltraClear Koi Clay 4 lb to Cart

Microbe-Lift Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

It is said the secret to Japanese healthy, colorful koi is the clay mud in which they are raised! 100% natural and specially formulated for pond clarity and koi health, growth and color. Clay used in ponds improves fish nutrition, fish immunity, fish color, and water clarity. Use 2 tablespoons per 500 gallons.

SKU Description Price Order

Microbe-Lift Clay 2 lb

10.95 Add Microbe-Lift Clay 2 lb to Cart

Microbe-Lift Clay 4 lb

19.95 Add Microbe-Lift Clay 4 lb to Cart

Microbe-Lift Clay 6 lb

28.95 Add Microbe-Lift Clay 6 lb to Cart

Microbe-Lift Clay 25lb

99.95 Add Microbe-Lift Clay 25lb to Cart

Summit Clear-Water
Pond Clay

A safe and natural pond treatment that improves water quality to
provide a healthier environment for Koi and other fish. Calcium
montmorillonite clay is harvested from natural deposits. It contains a plentitude of minerals, which aid in the production of
enzymes in all living organisms. Reduces toxicity and turbidity of pond water and increases the metabolic functions of plants of animals within the pond water. Treats up to 6000 gallons per lb.
SKU Description Price Order

Summit Pond Clay 1 lb

14.50 Add Summit Pond Clay 1 lb to Cart

Summit Pond Clay 7 lb

27.50 Add Summit Pond Clay 7 lb to Cart


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